Spring & Summer

The sky is blue, the orchards blossom with fruit and, forests take on the red and green hues of fresh tender leaves and rhododendron flowers. With plenty of birds, butterflies and fresh air, spring brings with it the opportunity to revel in nature’s bountiful surprises. Rise early to the chirping of magpies, and enjoy magnificent views of the snow clad Himalayas. The days are revitalizing and sunny, while evenings are heavy with the fragrance of oak and cedar trees. An occasional shower or thunderstorm can cause a sudden drop in temperatures, so it is always advisable to carry some warm clothes.


The surrounding mountains are enveloped in mist. The sound of rain dribbling on the tinned roof and the soft drifting mist, engulf your senses with the enchanting beauty of nature. From June till September, the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds and chirping birds that frolic merrily in lush green forests, are guaranteed to turn your stay at Te Aroha, into a romantic fairytale.

Autumn & Winter

Winter offers beautiful blue skies and spectacularly clear views of the snow capped Himalayas. So get your adrenalin rushing this winter, and soak up the distinct Himalayan atmosphere at Te Aroha. The sun is strong and at its warmest during the day. Evenings are cold and best enjoyed next to the roaring fire, with a glass of wine. Snow fall usually occurs in January and February.